Typography Around the House: Childhood

The object was to create a word using items around the house. I began at "preschool art" and after working through the brainstorming hit upon the idea of "childhood" and all of the things that are a part of it everyday.

I was inspired to make the word "childhood" with the various children's art supplies and playthings from around the house.
C made from color dyed rice that many kids have in their homes today.
H made from crayons, a children's classic.
I made from fingerpaint squirted haphazardly straight from the bottle.
L made from twigs the kids collect outside and build with.
D made from chenille pipe cleaners, a crafting staple for the kids.
H made from coloring pencils, a little more advanced than crayons as they grow.
O made from Play-Doh.
O made from bracelets used for dress-up imagination play.
D made from dirt, kids get very dirty and love to play in the dirt.

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